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Virtual POS

Convenient services 24/7 with your fast and reliable e-commerce business partner, Virtual POS!

  • Virtual POS enables 24/7 secure domestic and international online sales.
  • It supports payments with Turkish Lira, US Dollar and Euro.
  • Secure Payment Page: Golden Global Bank’s Secure Payment Page allows businesses without an e-commerce channel to offer secure card payments to their customers.
  • 3D Secure: Businesses that use virtual POS can benefit from the 3D Secure system in online card transactions and ensure the security of both themselves and their customers. As the name implies, 3D Secure offers three-dimensional security where the holder of the credit card or debit card used in the purchase receives a notification about the transaction and a confirmation code via bank SMS.
  • 3D Secure is a standard component in Golden Global Bank’s virtual POS, and is offered free of charge.

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