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    On website (“Site”), those who use the services offered by or access to the Site in any way are deemed to have accepted the following terms of use. Those who benefit from the Site services and provide access to the Site are deemed to have previously accepted any changes made by the Site to the provisions of these Site Terms of Use.
    Users may only operate on the Site for lawful purposes. The legal and criminal responsibility in every transaction and action made by users within the Site belongs to them. Users will not duplicate, copy, distribute, process, process pictures, texts, visual and audio images, files, databases, catalogs and lists on the Site; They accept, declare and undertake that they will not compete directly and / or indirectly with either by these actions or by other means.
    Users will not take any action against, other users and third parties by using the Site. The Site has no direct or indirect responsibility for the damages that third parties may suffer or may suffer due to the activities carried out on the Site in violation of the provisions of these Site Terms of Use and the law.
    Users will not engage in activities that would cause unfair competition within the scope of the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code; They accept and undertake that they will not perform acts that will undermine the personal and commercial reputation of the Site and third parties, and that will infringe their personal rights.
    Access to other websites and / or content and / or files owned and operated by other third parties is permitted by Golden Global Bank through the Site. These accesses are provided for ease of reference only and are not intended to support the relevant website or the person operating it, or any kind of declaration or warranty for the website or the information it contains. The Site has no responsibility for the websites, files and content accessed through the accesses on the Site, the services or products offered from the websites accessed through these accesses, or their contents.
    Privacy: determines the IP addresses of the users when necessary due to the legal obligation arising from the law numbered 5651. It will only disclose the IP addresses of the users in accordance with the mandatory legislation in force and / or in line with requests from competent judicial and administrative authorities.
    Intellectual Property Rights: All content of the site belongs to or the relevant rights holder. Users do not have the right to resell, process, share, distribute, display, display, or permit anyone else to access or use Golden Global Bankası's services, information, copyright works. Users may not reproduce, process, distribute or derive any copyrighted works of Golden Global Bank, except as permitted by Golden Global Bankası, under this Site Terms of Use.
    Changes to the Site Terms of Use: Golden Global Bank may change these Site Terms of Use at any time by posting on the Site at its sole discretion. Changing provisions of this Site Terms of Use will take effect on the date they are announced.
    Effectiveness and Acceptance: This Site Terms of Use will become effective on the date announced by Golden Global Bank within the Site. By using the Site, users accept the terms of these Site Terms of Use.

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