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About Us

    Golden Global Bank, which was established by partners boasting high-level experience in professional management and entrepreneurship in the field of banking and international trade to provide banking services and alternative financing methods to foreign trade companies, is the first and only investment bank in Turkey that observes the principles of interest-free banking in all its operations.

    Golden Global Bank, the establishment permission of which was granted by BRSA on 29.05.2019, set out with the aim of becoming one of the leading investment banks in Turkey and its region by offering utilitarian and permanent solutions addressing needs of its customers, as per the principles of interest-free banking.

    With its confidence in our country's vision for the future and its belief in the role it will assume as an International Finance Hub in a way that complements Istanbul's commercial and financial identity, Golden Global Bank aims to contribute to;
  • Boosting the national foreign trade volume by focusing on the banking services of foreign trade operations in target markets, especially in neighboring countries,
  • With a new generation banking approach and a fintech friendly bank identity, contributing to the development of technology-oriented financial products, as well as being a user,
  • Expanding in the financial and capital markets with the funds raised from different domestic and foreign sources,
  • Financing strategic investment projects in Turkey and enabling entrepreneurs in Turkey to seize potential investment opportunities in neighboring markets.
  • To serve at this end, we will continue to work with our employees, solution partners and all our stakeholders, each of whom is specialized in their own fields and adds value to Golden Global Bank's business model.

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