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Securities Transactions

Lease Certificates

Lease Certificates (Sukuk) are a type of security which is issued by asset leasing companies and enables its holders to get a proportionate share from the fixed or variable income derived out of such assets and rights. They boast a higher resilience as they are backed by an asset that can be liquidated. You can access the sukuks traded in the market through our Bank and start trading.

Investment Fund

Investment Funds (Participation Funds) are funds, which are backed by an entire portfolio, sukuks, participation accounts, partnership shares, gold and other precious metals and other interest-free financial and capital market instruments approved by the Capital Markets Board, offered to investors who would like to enjoy returns on their investments with interest-free finance and capital market instruments. You will be able to access our funds, which will be offered by our bank and managed in line with the principles of interest-free banking, from our internet branch.
You can securely make Purchases, Sales and Transfers of Sukuks and Investment Funds (Participation Fund) through the Investment Account you will open at our bank.

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