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Our Human Resources Policy

In line with its strategic objectives and corporate values, Golden Global Bank is committed to;

  • Employing well-trained and experienced professionals who have high potential, a strong sense of duty and responsibility and are capable of working in a profit-driven and customer-oriented manner, distinguishing itself as a pioneering bank in interest-free investment banking,
  • Providing equal opportunities to all employees and employee candidates, regardless of language, religion, race or gender, and championing equal opportunities in business, with an approach that prioritizes the importance of sharing and the production potential,
  • Structuring its human resources policy in a way that is employee-oriented, values employee feedback, and puts employee motivation above all, based on the principle that its most valuable asset is its employees.

Our Human Resources Policy

It aims to find candidates for the Golden Global Bank Family who are innovation-oriented, have a potential for development, have a great sense of responsibility, are able to best represent the organization, are teamwork-driven, and will adopt and uphold the corporate values and culture. Our recruitment processes are structured with an unbiased, fair and transparent approach to ensure equal opportunities for all candidates.
  • Experienced candidates: Candidates who have the experience and knowledge required for the position, are considered target-oriented and have a high potential for development can join us following a successful evaluation.
  • Inexperienced candidates: Candidates who are successful in the General Aptitude Test are called for interviews.
  • You can submit your CV via the job application form on our website.
  • You can apply for a vacant position through following our postings on LinkedIn and
In line with our career management strategy, our current employees are prioritized for vacant positions. Our main goal is to ensure internal development for managerial positions. To serve this end, our employees, who distinguish themselves with their performance and development, can be promoted to our managerial positions.

We offer our employees versatile career opportunities in our growing organizations at home and abroad and strive to create a collaborative and team spirit-driven environment for them to love what they do as they do it in the most effective way. Our business culture is based on open communication, solidarity, and trust.

Our training and development programs are designed to be aligned with the targets and strategies of our Bank, to contribute to the performance of our employees, and to support their personal and professional development. The new members of our family complete an orientation program created to facilitate their adaptation process and help them explore our culture and values.
With a fair and transparent remuneration approach, Golden Global Bank provides merit increases once a year. Increases are determined competitively and objectively, factoring in inflation, sector data and internal balance.

Health Insurance All our employees are covered by a private health insurance as well as SSI. Our employees’ dependent family members (spouse and children) are also covered by a private health insurance.

Annual Paid Leave
Determined by years of service;

  • 14 business days for 1-5 years (including the 5th year),
  • 20 business days for 6-15 years (less than 15 years),
  • 26 business days for 15 years or more.

Other Benefits

  • Transportation and lunch expenses are covered.

Job Application Form

You can submit your CV via the job application form on our website.

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