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Your Solution Partner in the Fintech Ecosystem

As one of the pioneer banks in Turkey to provide API integration, Golden Global Bank offers unique financial solutions tailored to the banking requirements needs of many national and international companies in the Fintech ecosystem.

Financing of International Trade

With its rapidly-growing global correspondent network, Golden Global Bank offers innovative and effective solutions such as direct commodity trading and financing of forward contracts, as well as traditional international trade solutions carried out on timely manner with speed and accuracy.

Digital Banking Products

With an established mobile and online banking infrastructure, Golden Global Bank also offers services for payment systems with the completion of rapid Mastercard, Visa and BKM integration.

GGI Virtual POS: Get Started Now!

GGI Virtual POS offers appropriate solutions for your requirements. Apply for GGI Virtual POS right now and take a quick step into E-commerce! Quick Setup, User-Friendly Interface

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